Enspire™ Standby UPS Series Uninterruptible Power Supply

Enspire™ Standby UPS Series Uninterruptible Power Supply

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EN400 - 400VA/200W
EN750 - 750VA/400W
EN600 - 600VA/300W
EN900 - 900VA/500W

The Minuteman® EnSpireTM Series UPS is a low-cost high performance UPS line that provides the features needed to protect your valuable equipment.

The EN400 and EN600 units each have six outlets, three provide battery support along with spike and surge protection and three with spike and surge protection only. The EN750 and EN900 have four each of the outlets described above for total protection of up to eight connected devices. In addition, all units have outlets which are specifically spaced to support transformer blocks.

The EnSpire UPS has a small footprint and is uniquely designed with outlets on the top for placement on or under a desk or table and all models can be wall mounted.

For over 25 years, Para Systems, Inc. has provided quality power products and excellent personalized service with direct human response to all service and support calls. EnSpire products pass extensive quality testing before being shipped to our end users.


• Small capacity equipment loads

• Desktop/laptop workstations

• Small phone systems

• VoIP handsets

• Home entertainment/theater systems

• Security systems (cameras, DVRs, access control devices)

• Low-power network devices

EnSpire Features

• Minuteman SentryPlus Software – SentryPlus auto-shutdown and monitoring software is included with every unit. No special downloads or coupons are required.

• USB Communications – EnSpire UPS USB connections are automatically recognized by Microsoft Windows® software. No special USB drivers are required. The EnSpire Series automatically recognizes USB connections with its HID-compliant USB communications.

• Telephone/Fax/Modem Line Protection - The EnSpire UPS provides a low-cost means of protecting telephone/fax/modem lines.

• RoHS Compliant – All EnSpire products are manufactured using non-hazardous* materials making them safer for the environment.

• Warranty - The UPS is covered by a three- year parts and labor warranty and $50,000 Minuteman Platinum Protection Plan® (U.S.A. and Canada only). The battery is covered by a two-year warranty.

Additional features on EN750/EN900 models:

• Coax Cable Protection - Surge and spike protection for a coax cable line.

• Backlit LCD Display - LCD display that shows UPS information including estimated runtime , battery status and more.